One moment I was someone. Then I was someone else.

Judith Hannah Weiss

Many people have big travels and adventures. But not that many travel from being one person to being another.

I made headlines for 30 years, promoting print and broadcast for global media known from Burundi to Beverly Hills.

I survived Time, Vogue, Vanity Fair, New York, The New Yorker, CBS and CNN. Icons and editors known for bodyguards and body counts, delivered while dressed to kill.

Then I got hit by a truck. The good news was I survived. The bad news was brain damage.

Lots of things can be replaced. These do not include your mind.

In a little brain, I carried all my past and history.
My child and my child’s childhood,
And all I thought was me. 

I make art for humans and homes for birds high on a hill over a river — and I have written a book. I have been compressed, compacted, but I have not been crushed.