Notes from a Former Ghost in The Rumpus (April 2018)

“I started keeping a journal ten minutes ago. It’s 800,000 words long and it’s on 2,043 scraps of paper, 7 shopping bags, 4 paper plates, 1 paper cup, 3 placemats, 12 receipts, and 2 popsicle sticks.”


Confetti  in Fewer Than 500 (January 2020)

“My brain broke on a Tuesday.”


Helen Keller at Christmas in Midcentury Modern (December 2017)

“Helen wrote, ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart.'”


How to Make Your Eggs Behave in Midcentury Modern (June 2018)

“I worked two jobs and took college courses when I could get through tear gas and mace.”


Dissecting an Ad for Urns in Midcentury Modern (October 2017)

“Faults ‘accumulate stress’ over time. Scientists are studying ‘fault structure’ and damage future quakes could do. People can fracture and rupture, too, and rarely deal well with faults.”


Not Ready for My Close-Up Due to Post-Its on My Neck in Midcentury Modern (February 2018)

“Today seems like a good day to answer questions no one asks. So here they are, a few (imagined) questions and a few answers, too.”


Unreality Show(s) in Midcentury Modern (March 2018)

“When I was young, we didn’t have real people. I mean we didn’t have real people who became brands like Oprah and Martha. We didn’t have Dr. Phil or Judge Judy or Dr. Oz. We had Aunt Jemima and Betty Crocker, who never existed, and did not have reality shows.”


Female Relic Intersecting Life and Time in Midcentury Modern (December 2017)

“I’m an antique. I started working at Time in 1972. I was a token Jew, a token hippie, and a token female ‘professional’ among troops of typists and preppy male executives.”


Leaving Time in the University of Virginia’s Hospital Drive (Finalist in “Leaving” Contest) (Fall 2018)

“I’m not an expert on brain injury. I am a person who has one.”


Losing My Mind and Getting a New One in Literal Latté (Winner of a Literal Latté Essay Award)

“Every day, we scour a few million sources to shrink subjects of staggering genius into crisp, condensed bits by subtracting the genius stuff.”


Losing a Person in Challenge Into Change: 2015 Writing Contest (2015)

“I wake to a world of wings. A twig, a bud, a branch, a song. This
world is theirs, this endless sky, this fledgling learning how to fly.”


Additional Honors

A Fragrance – Winner in Creative Nonfiction’s Tiny Truths Contest (2019)

Brain Drain – Finalist in the 45th New Millennium Writing Awards (2018)

Away With Words – Finalist in New Rivers Press’ Many Voices Project Competition (2018)

Losing My Mind and Getting a New One – Finalist in the Cutthroat Journal‘s Barry Lopez Nonfiction Contest (2018)

Losing My Mind and Getting a New One – Honorable Mention in the 44th New Millennium Writing Awards (2017)